Roof11 is a Beirut-based design house, that caters not only locally, but has successfully served brands in Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Tunisia, Jordan, Algeria, Qatar, Kuwait, Austria, Germany, Italy, and more.

Roof11 was established in 2007, with a small team consisting of 5 people. It started as an offset print house with a prepress section.

Investing in HR payed off to expand and include design and web departments, even added digital printing to cover all ranges of production.

2015 witnessed the latest expansion to have roof11 mutate into a fully fledged agency after adding events planning, management and production.

Today the team consists of around 20 proud and experienced roofers.


We love fairplay. we hope to give all the players in the market, big and small, the chance to be well noticed and expressed.

We strive to be the clearest channel of communication between your brand and your clients through smart design solutions and extreme attention to details.


Never give up. Ever.
There’s always a way. No matter how complex it gets, there is always a solution.

Making a difference
Good design should translate in time into tangible impact.

Full transparency, we do what we say. No fake promises.

Work Hard, Play hard
Yes, we dance in the office but when it gets to work, we are the definition of “working hard”.

We’re all human beings, well almost, our dog is only half-human.

Team is Family
We look after one another, have each other’s back and switch places if and when necessary.

Every human being functions differently, acts, thinks and sees differently,  doesn’t make one superior or inferior. Different perspectives and different opinions don’t have to clash, they can complete your 360o view and can give you a broader, more diversified vision.

Exceed expectations
That extra step we make everytime and putting all our heart in is what makes all the difference.

Roof 11's Team