Hands-on Approach
We assess your brand's current situation, strategy, and explore areas of opportunities. We offer brand assessment, competitive analysis, customer segmentation, and brand experiences. 
Constantly aligning and assessing the impact of your brand's experience is a must for sustainability and growth. We take pride in being your brand's guardian angel.


We create, develop, rejuvenate, maintain & improve brands.
We follow an integral branding process that requires research, analysis, strategy, alignment, development, execution and most of all resourcefulness & creativity.
We distill brands to the essence, define the brand purpose and start building from there. We then develop it into a refined identity that is memorable, unique and easily recognizable anywhere.


Event planning, design & development

We design and activate experiences.
Be it a conference, a corporate or a personal event, we align every detail to tell a story. The right story that gets people both engaged and entertained. 
We always consider the full experience, from ease of flow to emotional changes. Our floor plans are extremely detailed, as our design and production powers meet to guide us through. 


Relevant Communication
In an era of change & digitalization, roof11 takes pride in providing the right tone, tools & channels to communicate on behalf of your brand.
From defining a clear message to the right punchline, our communication efforts are crafted to deliver impactful and lasting tangible results to the right target audience.

Web Solutions

We always have the user in mind.
We work on making the user experience as smooth and as enjoyable as possible so that visitors savor using and revisiting the website over and over again.
We provide informational and e-commerce website architecture, design & development, domain name registration, web & e-mail hosting service as well as CRM Software.

Custom Packaging Solutions

Producing and designing witty packaging solutions is our daily source of office fun.
With an in-house printing press, we have the pivilige of experimenting. Our methods are tried, budgeted and tested before presenting it as a solution, so there are NO last-minute surprises.
We're resourceful with creating on a budget and the sky is the limit when we're not. There's no excuse for putting a smart product in a not-so-smart package.

Digital, Offset & 3D printing

Our in-house printing press gives us the upper hand to prioritize.
We handle digital and offset production from the smallest to the largest quantities. Having the know-how and full control of the traffic and pipeline gives us an edge you can rarely find in any other agency. With our design background, our prints have the finest details with impressive and creative finishes. Our long list of clients is proof of our excellence and distinction in the field.