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Full Branding

When we said branding from A to Z, for qahwa, we definitely were not joking. Every single item in this place was branded, starting with the interior and finishing up with the to-go packaging. The Egypt-based coffee chain has since grown and expanded to several locations. Initial typography/logo by Khaled Magdy- Zeven Communication. Emblem, full concept, artwork, Packaging and collaterals by our creative director. Interiors in collaboration with Amr El Marakby. Photography courtesy of qahwa.

Sushi Bay
Brand Creation

With the sushi trend spiking in Cairo at the time of the brief, Café supreme wanted to launch its own line. Every other sushi place was created to look purely Japanese but since every country adds its own twists and flavors to the recipes and way of serving, changing the identity into a fusion of cultures seemed like a positive idea. It was. Merging the oriental pattern to the Japanese flavors created an emblem that looked like a maki roll using just the right palette, with the orange on the outside like the salmon, white for the rice and the green for avocado in the center. The line was a success and a couple of branches opened in Cairo's most famous malls and lively residential areas.

Startup Lebanon
Logo Application

START UP LEBANON is a conference that is all about introducing Lebanon to the world. Taking Lebanese startups to other countries and sharing their success stories. The first event took place in NYC or the "big apple", which triggered the first emblem design. It was decided to design a logo that can be adapted to several destinations. The kite represented the Lebanese startups flying around the world, dying every monument of the hosting countries in the colors of the Lebanese flagin referece to the Lebanese ecosystem taking the hosting country by storm.

Chidiac Persona
Character Creation

CHIDIAC P.O.C.C. is an old and established pre-owned car center, the company has its own installements system & needed to look more modern yet extremely friendly and close to the general public in order not lose or intimidate its clients. The logo was crafted to be simple, formal and type-based, respecting the history of the company. However, the messages and persona were toned down and designed to appeal to the average local Lebanese, the main target audience. The persona was dressed in a simple white tshirt and a blue jeans, away from every classification possible, most of the ads and social media posts were created in the native language, transmitting a very clear message: Chidiac POCC is for EVERYONE.

Baguette & Co.
Kiosk Design

Kiosk design for Baguette&Co. the requirements were simple: keep the spirit of the main shop but make it compact enough to move it around during events. - History:BAGUETTE&CO has been acquired by new owners after a year of its initial launch, with a different vision for its direction. The logo worked, it was simple and there was no need to change it. However, the overall look and feel was too commercial for the café's new direction. After a few tasting sessions, menu revisions and eliminations, the core was very clear: French with a twist, the facelift changed almost everything except for the logo, only added a shorter version of it to fit in a small circle. New menus for dine-in and delivery, new packaging, new uniform, signage.. a second branch opened a few months afterwards.

Asco Paints S.A.L
Full Branding

ASCO paints is a well known establishment for industrial paint that never got revamped before. The old logo was yellow and blue, limiting its application on colorful backgrounds, essential with this sort of industry. The solution was to create a neutral logo that can be applied on multicolor paint buckets and their cars without losing the history of the company. The second application of the logo was on a folder that contained samples of the wood stains, It had to look good as a representation of the company and practical for the paint shops to use and display.

Ayadina Restaurant
Food Menu Design

With an excellent Lebanese cuisine, the client wanted a modern, unexpected look for their place. The Lebanese flavor is to show in the dish and not necessarily in the branding. The main challenge was creating something trendy, oriental, but most importantly that is not a cliché, with Arabic typography for the name. This is when it was decided to make the motif meet the color palette, a match in design heaven was the result. The application of the restaurant items covered everything, the floor tiles, trays, sugar, salt, pepper and straw packaging, cups, costers, place-mats and even valet numbering. The opening of Ayadina was a great success and reviews came in extremely positive and even more rewarding, the opening of several branches afterwards.