About the Project:

Over 20,000 attendees, 100 startups, 50 countries, 9 stages, 3 days, the biggest event happening at the time on the Mediterranean. our role encompassed everything from concept, design, planning, management all the way throug to execution.
With such a huge event, the central bank was putting all efforts into resuscitating the startup ecosystem, and with the circular 331 being the trigger or spark that carries the risks along with the banks to invest in local startups, the branding had to reflect that. Not just any spark, it’s a spark that speeds up the process and saves the day, a superhero spark. Banque du Liban is the host of the accelerate spark, hence the placement of the spark inside the brackets of BDL. The new BDL  spark contains the letter A (for accelerate) and still keeps the growing economic form of the initial logo, only in a simpler form.

Project Details:

Client: Banque du Liban

Date: 2016-11-03

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